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Restoration of low walls and sidewalks

Address: 1188 Sherbrooke Street West

City: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The change of seasons, the amount of sun and its UV rays beaming onto the natural stones causing damages. Unfortunately, prolonged direct sunlight combined with high traffic has taken its toll on the floor and walls of this building, leaving stains of discoloration that give both entrances a poor appearance.

Preventing Fading:
Your natural stone is an investment and you want to keep them looking beautiful for years to come. Taking some simple precautions to minimize the effects of the wear and tear, and exposure to direct sunlight will go a long way.

Already have damage?
The good news is that natural stone that has stains and fading by sunlight can be restored.

The solution that was proposed and accepted was a deep cleaning, a specialized brushing, a polishing, followed by a protection with a specialised sealer that enhances color.

We produced 4 samples of the finishes of the stone with a variety of brushing grits and polishing, then applied the
sealer color enhancer. Thereafter the customer chose from the 4 samples. Once the customer chose the finish, we also performed the test on a small discrete area of the actual garden wall to compare the outcome and observe the reaction of stone before proceeding with
the work.

The work performed has drastically changed the appearance of the 2 entrances. It has restored the walkways and garden walls, as well as enhanced the color of the stone while protecting against UV rays and helping alleviate possible staining.

If you have questions or concerns about your natural stone fading or darkening, contact us today.

About the building: Maison Alcan is a  complex that was used to house the world headquarters for Alcan, now part of Rio Tinto Alcan, until 2015. This heritage site is also of interest for its urban and landscape architectural value.